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Book artists extraordinaire Peter and Donna Thomas have been traveling around the US this summer, visiting other book folk, libraries, &tc, and residing in a gypsy caravan that they built themelves. They’ve been blogging their experiences here. They will be stopping here at the shop from August 11-13, and will be presenting a miniature book workshop on Thursday Aug. 12. If any of the 3 1/2 readers of this blog are within driving distance of northeast Pennsylvania (sorry, Linda…), you should plan on attending.If anyone is interested, please contact me at don@donrashfinebookbinder for details.

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  1. Argh! Yes, I’d love to come: they were down at Jim Croft’s recently (and that’s a long day’s drive each way from here) and I didn’t get the chance to go either.

    Spent part of Friday checking out an interesting installation venue: a high-end German kitchen design shop. There will be knitting and at least one book coming out of this show…. :-)

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