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This is the basic bookbinding class and builds on the skills taught in the Foundations class. We will begin with discussions of the structure and function of the sewn codex, then proceed from endsheet considerations through sewing and spine consolidation, then to the German four-piece case which is fitted to the textblock before being covered, and finally casing in. If time permits there will be an introduction to titling with the Kensol hot stamper.

Participants will execute at least two case bindings during the class. One will be a blank book of new paper, in order to eliminate the distractions and difficulties inherent in rebinding an existing textblock. The second may be a blank textblock, or a printed text from the Press of Appletree Alley may be purchased from the School. Please do not bring books for rebinding to this class; that will be the subject of another course.

Requirements: Students should have taken the Foundations of Hand Bookbinding class or an equivalent. We have scheduled the Foundations and Case Binding classes so that students who wish to take both can do so at a reduced tuition and housing cost.  Please contact us if you have questions in this regard.Students should bring their own hand tools, notebook and apron.  

Dates: This class will be offered Monday, April 20 - Friday, April 24 and Monday,  August 3 - Friday, August 7.  If you are staying at the school please come late Sunday afternoon to get settled in.

Materials may be purchased from the School as needed.

Class status:  3 spaces are available for the April class and 3 spaces are available for the August class as of December 5, 2019

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