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iron handpress
Obviously a departure for a bookbinding school, the decision to offer a printing related class seemed appropriate given that five (maybe six by the time the class runs) limited editions have been produced here on our Washington handpress over the past decade and a half. The class will cover issues relevant to fine printing on presses such as Columbians, Albions and Washingtons: covering the tympan and frisket; use of platen bearers; packing, impression and makeready; rollers, roller bearers and inking; dampening paper, etc. The class will finish with printing a small edition to be determined. Please note that typesetting, imposition and basic presswork will not be addressed in this class. We will be using Gabriel Rummonds' "Printing on the Iron Handpress" as the textbook for the class; the cost of the book is included in the tuition.If you have questions please contact us.

Dates: Monday June 13 - Friday June 17. If needed the class will extend through Saturday June 18.  If you are staying at the school please come late Friday afternoon to get settled in.

Class status: 3 spaces available as of 12/5/19.

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