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This class will introduce the students to the use of leather in binding through both millimeter bindings and tightback bindings. Aspects to be covered include: endpaper variants; sewing on flat and raised cords; embroidered endbands; edge treatments; leather paring; covering; titling.

Students will execute two or more bindings utilizing textblocks that they will bring to class. These should be either new unsewn octavo or quarto textblocks or texblocks that have been pulled and mended, and of no more than ten signatures each. Blank signatures of new paper are also acceptable.

Requirements: Students should have completed the Case Binding class or an equivalent. Students should bring their own hand tools, notebook and apron.  They will also need a paring knife. We will provide German paring knives on request. If anyone has a Scharf-fix they are asked to bring it. Students can bring their own leather or, if desired, leather can be supplied at cost.

We have scheduled the Introduction to Leather and Full Leather classes so that students who wish to take both can do so at a reduced tuition and housing cost.

Dates: Monday, May 4 - Friday May 8,  and Monday, September 14 - Friday, September 18. If you are staying at the school please come late Sunday afternoon to get settled in.

Materials may be purchased from the School as needed.

Class status: 3 spaces available in the May class, and 3 spaces available in the September class as of December 5, 2019.

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